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55141 gone forever

Posted by ganicmor on October 29, 2013 at 9:05 AM

Yes, 55141 has gone inactive and will stay that way. I am 55141, and have been moving around a good bit, playing Galaxy Legion around the country, and sometimes even out of the country. My guess is that Dan thinks I have shared my account, or my account has been hacked, or whatever, and has shut my account down. I haven't been banned outright (I know what that looks like), but my page link has been cut, so I can't view the GL game from my original account. I have hereby made another account (kinda illegal, but hey, he cut my link) with the IGN: Numbers. I will still try to maintain this website. My apologies about the roundhouse kick on the new website project, I am truly devastated that I couldn't bring it to completion. A thought I have is that this website can extend beyond Galaxy Legion and move into new games like Deep Space Fleet, Kerbal Space Program, Etc. If you have any ideas, post 'em to the krykon facebook page or send me a message. ([email protected]). The "Forum" is actually up, and looks pretty neat if I do say so myself. I posted a link somewhere... gotta find that. Feel free to post to it whenever you have a quesetion or just if you feel like it. My goal is that the legion actually uses the website (only 11 different ISPs have actually visited this one >:I ) so the best way I see this is that you make suggestions to make it more useful. 

Numbers out. 

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