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November 4, 2013
Added Hyperlinks to the games, edited header picture. 

October 30, 2013. Condensed the menu bar so the Home tab now contains the news, the GL (galaxy legion) tab contains everything related with Galaxy Legion. The DSF (Deep Space Fleet) tab has been created, and more can be expected in that little tab later on. I have a little summary of each game that I wrote myself (and it will be apparent hehehe), just click on the actual tab GL or DSF to see the ones I have so far. If you would like a game inserted, let me know on the facebook page, and I am sure my administrators will let me know as soon as possible. In other news, I have attached the forum page to the contact us tab, and that is a redirect. I will be editing the weebly forum sooner or later, but nothing major. (basically just a way to get back to the website if need be). 

October 29, 2013. Removed the Forum tab and the disclaimer tab. The disclaimer was basically there so the legion wouldn't get into trouble, just me. But... since this website is planned for renovations and bolstering to new games, I can see now how the disclaimer is just a useless tab. Also updated the legion members tab (about us) and I also put in another section for the Krykon Census. Almost 1 whole year ago, I made my last update to that :X hehehe. Well. Here we are.